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Septic Amsterdam techno based label was founded in 2019 by Boris Jeremic and Thijs van Tol.

They have been making music with the sound of funky/cheerfull raw techno by combining hard kicks and with slightly happy melodies, sometimes with an additive of vocals.

Together they are playing these records as a duo by the alias of “Thorus”, when they preform solo they are known as “Pineal Sept” (Boris Jeremic) & “DJ THATTA” (Thijs van Tol).

The label has been consciously manifested out of Passion and Love for the rave scene. These aspects you will see through the whole organisation of Septic Amsterdam and this is where they stand for. 

“NINE ELEVEN VA” was their first collaborated album that is created with artists like “Ayahuasca” and “Franky-B” and many more. This resulted as a great kickstart and opportunity to share their music to the Universe.

The beginning of something beautiful as Septic Amsterdam stands for integrity, out of the box thinking [because there is no box] and getting the best out of our passion. 

We would love to ask you to accompany us in this limitless journey as a member or supporter of our Septic  family.


  • Create

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  • Inspire

  • Dream


We promote our artists and their performances on the internet and social media via our own Facebook, Instagram, you-tuce channel and website

relevant network

Our Septic Amsterdam team has a large network in music, especially in the techno scene. Such a network is indispensable if you want to progress as an artist. Of course we make maximum use of this network for our artists

Meet the septic team

Team SepticAmsterdam

When you join the ‘Septic Amsterdam’ label you are assured of the help and attention of a group of passionate musicians of various backgrounds and disciplines. Just contact us and we will meet each other soon to see what we can do for each other.

like-minded people

Tuning and sparring with people who have the same passion for music can be very nice. It can give you different insights, inspire you and make you better than you already are. You get every opportunity for this within our label


Septic Amsterdam has its own, well-equipped studio. Artists can also use this in consultation.





Boris Jeremic

Thijs van Tol

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